All that are tales for idiots.

Apparently, that's not correct.

I feel we speak a different language.

Don't you get lonely?

Let's return to Japan together.

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Tovah jumped into the icy water without hesitation.

Pilar shoved the door open.

Once more than half of the disc of the Moon is illuminated, it has a shape we call gibbous.

I don't hate her.

You guys have been busy, haven't you?

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She is human.

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I'm sure Bradley is disappointed.

We tried to save him.

My cats aren't sleeping under the bed any more.

What more do I need to know?

Ah, I think I'm gonna cry.

It is difficult for me to understand this question.

Let's take a break for a second.


He gave him a book.

Where is the new rota?

Of course there were several hundred boats moving around on the water but not just any old one would do.

I'm ready to throw in the towel.

Brender knew that he couldn't speak French as well as Pablo.

It is interesting to make friends with a foreigner.

She fell in love with her boyfriend's younger brother.

As far as this matter is concerned, I am satisfied.

No one deserves that.

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I wish everybody liked me.


Nobody's that stupid.


Rest in peace, father!

The bus was hot and crowded.

The whole population turned out in welcome.

Exactly how much money did you lose?

Manuel did the same thing Val did.

Sport in America is very important.

Erwin scored 30 points.

I don't want to tempt fate.

Where are my slippers?

I said let Kevyn go.

She's very polite.

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Why don't you just believe me?

That is my mom's computer.

A woman with two small children in her car led police on a wild car chase through the city, reaching speeds in excess of 140 kilometers per hour.

This pencil belongs to me.

Why does everyone think Jef is the father of Heinz's child?

We can't see it.

Where was the police?

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

We moved our bags to make room for the elderly lady to sit down.

All the ingredients are fresh.

Why are there so many fathers who abandon their children?

I saw her dance once.


Why do you think Mott said that?

What did Marika say about life in Japan?

Martin Luther King, Jr., had won his first protest against injustice - peacefully.


UN, as you know, stands for the United Nations.

I'm not sure what else I need to do.

He likes to travel alone.

The boys were whispering; I knew they were up to something.

Where were you hoping to visit?

The necessity of education came home to me.

They failed to fulfill the conditions.

Jeffie doesn't know why the meeting was postponed.

Hold it for a second.

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Will that be hard for you?

She's there then! She's sleeping, she's dreaming, she's thinking about me maybe...

Bert has asked me to meet him at his office tomorrow at 2:30.


I bought a few eggs and a little milk.

The soldiers were marching with their swords shining.

Not feeling well, I stayed home on that day.

This bike is used by my brother.

Toufic promised he'd help me build a doghouse.


I like him all the better for his shyness.


Spass has received several job offers.

Why do you care so much?

The result of the examination fell short of our expectations.

"Mom, can I buy me an ice cream?" "No way, because if I let you, it will spoil your dinner."

She cooked us a delicious dinner.


Christie tells me you and Thad are planning to get married.

I heard that Gregory wasn't at school today.

I'm sorry, but I don't feel like going out today.


Gunnar is unbelievable.

I'd like to see him now.

Don't be a coward.

All of you did good work.

It's a cheap restaurant.

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I can't believe this is actually happening.

He is none the happier for his beautiful wife.

Don't judge each other by the color of the skin.

He left the office without saying a word to anyone.

We can't just leave her.


They thanked God.


Could this be possible?

It's folly to eat so much.

Saify unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car.

Not a word did he speak.

You're not the only one who's busy.

Getting down will take three hours.

She used to go to the movies on Sundays.

The people from ancient times used the stone of the avocado fruit to make syrup.

My basket is full of books.

I'm the last person Jayesh would want to see.

I have been crying.

Louis made a quick decision.

The doctor would not take any gifts from the poor.

Mr. Wall put off going to the dentist's.

Jarl worked his way up through the ranks.


I doubt Nathaniel is really a doctor.

The child of today is the man of the future in the making.

This medicine will do you good.


Marco gets a physical once a year.

The Code of Hammurabi is one of the world's most ancient legal codes.

Scott noticed that one of Johann's chairs was missing.

Betty has been a teacher for many years.

Turn to the left!

Mud clings to my shoes.

I need you to do a couple of things for me.

He is a great lover of music.

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

I've got a six-year-old son.

Leslie wanted Darin to stay a little bit longer.

Francisco rushed into the house.

I wonder if you'd mind giving me an autograph.

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Isn't Hunter supposed to be helping Cyrus?

One should respect others.

There's probably a high demand for your services in this area, isn't there?

Has anyone ever told you how lovely you look?

I don't understand the aerodynamics.


Amarth is the best worker in our company.

I'm happy for this opportunity.

Why don't we drop by to see her?

There is no end to his complaining.

Stefan's parents died in 2013.

There could be many uses for such a diminutive flying vehicle.

I've been trying to explain to Anthony what needs to be done.


He was saved by a hair.


Vinod will never make it.

I'm going to be singing a cappella at a friend's wedding ceremony.

That child has no fear of water.

Their company survived the crisis.

Listen to the following exchange between colleagues!

I saw some cars in the parking lot.

But I don't think it's strange at all.

Touching the sky with glory.

Why, yes, we should have done this and this, and not have done that.


You don't have to pay for it, that's for free.

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Other requirements come from your relationships with other people and your daily activities.


The stock market crash forced many retirees back into the job market.


Let me have a try.

Hsuan asked me what I needed.

How many people were you planning to bring?

So, was there a time when you were a wizard, too?

Why didn't you tell the truth?


Why do you want her to have it?

Cristopher shouldn't have been here today.

She raised her fist as if to hit me.


"I can count from 1 to 100 in French now." "Wow, that's great. How about counting backwards from 100 to 1?" "No, that's still impossible for me."

I invite comments without resorting to insults.

Herman had a lot on his mind, so he wasn't paying enough attention to his driving.

I'm a natural blonde.

Who owns that car?


She considered him the man of her dreams.


Merril suspected Raul was kidding.


The question is how are we going to deal with the situation.